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Jas-Debb Photography Competition

Compete from home with your professional portraits or phone snapshots for

Jas-Debb prizes and even cash awards! Options for every age.


Submit your best shots with one of our products to our photo competition for a chance to win a Jas-Debb prize.

Interested shall submit 4 high-resolution photos taken in 4 different places.

Photo competition requirements: 4 high resolution photos, contestant must wear four different out fits. Being creative and stylish, nice makeup and hair, proper lighting and background is key to success!

The photos will be judged on clarity and quality of photo (not print), personality, grooming and fashion sense, the candidat’s photogenic potential and ability.

The pictures of the winners will be used for media publications, press releases, marketing, Jas-Debb website and Instagram.



Jas-Debb photography compe-tition is open to anyone aged 18+ residing anywhere in the world. Professional entries will be judged against other professionals; emerging and student entries against other students / emerging.


1st prize

- Visit our company in Munich.

- Private label of a new perfume.

2nd prize

- Private label of a new perfume.

3rd prize

- Cash prize

- Box of 5 Jas-Debb perfumes


You have to use one of our perfumes to take the photos. We offer a very attracting discount for followers, students and persons who support us to market our brand using all kind of social media.

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