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We create Best Fragrances


Private label. Unique formulations

We combine knowledge and ingredients of high quality to create a new generation of modern and oriental perfumes according to your individual specifications


Oriental fragrances

Sweet fragrances

Fresh fragrances

Jad Debb perfume producer

Nathalie Hubert

Royal Out : I actually really like this, and it's unique, I feel it's bottle is worthy for me as I'd like to have this in my small collection


Satisfied costumers

Best german perfume

Makia Bamba

Royal Amber : A lovely fragrance and well-blended. One of my favorite and don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise

Jas Debb is the best german perfume manufacturer

James Tailor

Fresh Water : This is a powerful fragrance that took me a bit to get to know. It has amazing longevity which I’m surprised about for a fresh note

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