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Views of Nature

The idea was inspired by the first smell of essential oil of a mixture containing rare species of mint and lavander during a study conducted by Dr. Debb. The goal of the study was to determine the phytochemical compostion of this mixture, but the extra-ordinary smell greatly affected the olfactory sense and spirit of the team. After this coincidence Mr. Debb, as an organic chemist, developed a passion for unique fragrances and focused his research to discover a new scent for his mother's birthday. 

In 2017 Mr. Debb's team decided to continue to develop other fragrance based on their wide experience in the field of natural product chemistry. 

When discussing what name would properly encompass their brand, Mr. Debb  suggested  the name "Jas-Debb", the team agreed on the name "Jas-Debb" for their brand, and in 2020 Jas-Debb was born.

Who we are?

We are a small highly qualified team with the purpose of composing and producing perfumes using our wealth of experience in the field of natural product chemistry. From product development to the final perfume, we are sharing our experience, brain storming and working in close cooperation with our advisory (from perfume industry) in order to unleash the best and unprecedented fragrances. 

Our experts, collaborators and business partners provide valuable impulses that help our team to create new and unique formulations.

We combine our knowledge and data to create a new generation of modern and oriental perfumes. To achieve this goal we are using a huge database of fragrance compounds of highest quality offered by our German partners to assure made in Germany concept.

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